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Ritte at Standert – Grey Vlaanderen

Ritte Bicycles Vlaanderen built by Standert. With Shimano Ultegra 11s group and Easton EC70 SL wheelset. 3T bar and stem and San Marco Zoncolan saddle.

Need a Ritte? We can and will help you!

Photos by Constantin Gerlach

Standert goes Eurobike

There is this cycling trade show they call Eurobike.

Yeah, you know this and you know it’s complete madness. That’s why we closed the shop for two days, loaded our Standertmobil and rode through whole Germany to get there. Intentions were different and well balanced. Meeting partners, making new partners, see whats up and coming, riding our bikes and just having a good time with the team – our schedule was kind of full as we only had two days.

Thursday night we closed the shop as usual. But this time we met again only four hours later. At midnight we loaded our van with mainly camping stuff and bikes and hit the road. As there are funnier things than sitting in a car for 750km we were happy as we reached the camping ground in Friedrichshafen in the early morning and set up our tent. All done we were ready for the Eurobike. From my last years visit I remembered three things about the Eurobike:

  • It’s huge

  • Make a plan and stick to it

  • Krautschupfnudeln

As expected it was just as huge as I rembered it. While checking off the list who we wanted to see and talk to we ran around the halls looking at all the new stuff. Fancy stuff was all over the place and so were the fat bikes. Fat bikes everywhere and also (of course) E-Fat bikes.

No fat bikes but still eyecatching was the Cipollini booth that caught our attention, just because camo never dies and these frames are massive.

We fell in love at Ritcheys booth as they had the most beautiful steel road bike in our eyes. Classic style and high end technology combined. In general we were really happy to see the quality and amount of steel that was exhibited. Not to forget the Cielo Road Racer.

The longer we were running around the more beers got handed out to us. Then we reached the point to drop the “serious talk” approach (maybe we should have done that one or two booths earlier) and got near the main stage. After the second round of Krautschupfnudeln that day we got a couple rounds of beer, listened to a rock cover band playing songs of Neyo and witnessed some strange speed dating situation with Richard Virenque. Tired/drunk/annoyed we left the trade show and headed back to the camping ground remembering the bottle of whiskey we still had and instantly got rid of the tired and annoyed. Way too late we fell into our sleeping bags and finally got some needed sleep.

Next day we all somehow woke up without a serious hangover. We think it’s the magic of the Krautschupfnudeln. Refueled with a nice breakfast and we were ready for day two on the Eurobike. Day two was just as exciting as day one. From the new Giro range to the awesome booth of POC and seeing Danny MacAskill (surprisingly) win a bunny hop contest. Having our lists completely checked off we were craving for our planned bike ride to shake out the heavy legs. So we got on our bikes and enjoyed the beautiful landscape around the Bodensee. From coastlines and nice steady climbs to mega steep sections we had it all. Plus of course a nice sunset. After rolling back in the dark we set up our camping kitchen. But as the first portion of noodles took quiet long and we were still very hungry we just ordered some pizza. Then it was bed time as we had some big ride planned for the next day before we head back to Berlin. Unfortunately some nasty weather had us not going out to ride and we directly packed our stuff and headed home.

Long story short: We had a blast and are looking forward to next years Eurobike.

But still there is one last question left: What are E-Road Bikes for?

Cheers and see you in the shop,

Team Standert – Velo Challenge Hannover – 29.06.2014


Race number four and the first one outside of Berlin for our little squad. We left Berlin as a solic six-piece direction Hannover. Due to some business related issues we could not ride in the Standert van but Max helped out with his lovely but sometimes flaky VW bus. As you can see inthe pictures below we managed to fit six bikes and Marco on the back seat.

Loading up the old Van

Loading up the old Van



After the first 100km the VW turned on us and showed its pushy side. We experienced a minor smoke development under the bonnet…luckily Magnus fixed the problem after some time and we could go one. Nervous breakdowns included of course.

Small troubles, but no biggie...

Small troubles, but no biggie…


After this incident we arrived at our hotel in Hannover just slightly behind schedule! After a quick check-in we headed into the city, which is probably not the most beautiful city in Germany, and went straight for some pasta. The weather went pretty bad and heavy rain started.

Check in at beautiful Maschsee

Check in at beautiful Maschsee under grey skies


On the next morning a swift view out of the window revealed that there was no change of weather…Velothon Berlin all over again. Nonetheless, we started for the race and positioned ourselves in front of the first block for the 116km distance.
The race started with heavy, cold rain but we managed to stay together for the first hour with the leading bunch and rode at a very fast pace. The pace took its toll and after the first hour only two of us could go on with the leading group. The rest rode in the second and third group. Due to a little crash one team member even lost some more time but could finish the race nevertheless.

Weather was a bit shait - again! But after Berlin you could call us something of 'rain-specialists'

Weather was a bit shait – again! But after Berlin you could call us something of  a ‘rain-specialist-troup’, right?


The race profile was demanding for us Berliners and offered a lot of elevation gain and some steep descents. Also some extremely sharp corners in the little villages which the race crossed. Over all the course was very exciting and all of us had a lot of fun riding it. Of course speaking here with a retro perspective view. Believe me we suffered a lot…

Ansgar fighting through after his crash.

Ansgar fighting through after his crash.



After the finish we waited anxiously for the results. As the results were published we were very lucky because two of us finished under three hours, the rest came in some minutes later. Team Standert secured place number six in the overall ranking. Two of us managed top 100, three top 200 and our crash pilot even top 250. All of us managed top 100 in their respective age class.
We had a splendid weekend and looking forward for the next races! Go Team Standert!


Happy finisher faces, was great fun!

Happy finisher faces, was great fun!


Standert Bicycles presents


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FRIDAY // 13. Juni 2014
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WM GAME // NL vs. ES at 9 pm
Super Pops // the drink on a stick   -   Korean BBQ // by Matürlich

Goldsprint // Race for your team!
Electronic beats by //  QUIET&LISTEN and Florian Hirche


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