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Bikes will be built.
Bikes will be delivered.
Bikes will be serviced.

Like all of you we’re struck by the Covid-19 pandemic. And like all of you we are trying to keep our lives and business up and running as smooth as possible according to this new situation.

Our showroom is now open again. Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 18:00. Our workshops and logistics are staffed, and the rest of us are busy working from home. We continue building, selling and servicing bikes.

What does that mean for you?


• The process is the same as it was before. Head over to www.standert.de and get that dream bike (or parts, or merch, or frameset,...).

• Our customer service is there for your questions (with increasing online requests please be aware that answers might not be immediate, thanks).

• Delivery times will be a bit longer than usual. Here’s why:

- Ordered parts might need longer to arrive at our workshops.

- As our mechanics are working in shifts to stick to the minimum distance requirements the work flow is a little less flowy.

- External logistics face the same difficulties so the parcel pickup might take longer than usual.

• As Berliner you can buy your bike online and then get an appointment to pick it up. You can also come to the showroom to go through the details of your bike (we recommend getting in touch with shop@standert.de for an appointment first).

• We do services on your Standert by appointment. Please get your appointment via our appointment tool.

• Coming to the shop without an appointment might involve waiting in front of the door.

• Please don’t make an appointment when you’re sick.

• We only accept two customers at a time coming in to make sure we can meet all safety requirements.

Challenge accepted also means we are not backing down and letting this virus keep us away from what keeps us going: Riding bikes.

Depending on where you are and what your government has decided is best for your current situation, try to keep getting on your bicycle. Whether it’s on the indoor trainer or outside alone. Just make sure not to ride in groups, to pass others within 2m distance, don’t stop for coffee, don’t stop by your parents or grandparents' place to say hello, don’t ride risky terrain - basically use your common sense for this situation. It’s not going to be easy but we are together in this and we accept the challenge!



The German government (amongst other countries) encourages people to exercise, and especially to exercise outside alone as it’s crucial for physical and mental health and to strengthen your immune system. Further exercising reduces the added stress we are all facing right now living in a situation full of insecurity. We are aware that in some countries this is not possible and that you have no option to go out. Therefore we hope you have the chance to exercise indoors and let others inspire you to keep moving and look forward to getting out post-crisis.

Of course we are not a health institution and not a government, all we want you to do is to use your common sense and your countries guidelines to make the best out of this situation. And for us as cyclists, the best means getting on the bike without putting ourselves, and especially others, at risk or breaking any rules or laws.

We want to use this time to remember those great days of cycling with friends and the ones we currently spend alone to stay sane. All to bridge this time until we can finally ride with our friends again.