We started our Feierabendrunde in 2014. What began as a casual road bike ride with some friends has quickly established itself as a fixed date in the training calendar of Berlin road cyclists. Plus a lot of cyclists new to the city come to our rides as one of their first contact points with the local community and we are very happy to welcome new faces anytime. 

The level of the rides has developed over the years and people from all over the world have told us that the Feierabendrunde is known as a very fast shopride. And indeed, the Thursday night tempo could be described as race pace. If that’s not your cup of tea, why not join our Saturday round, which is a bit more relaxed.

Participation is free and anybody is welcome, however we would like to stress the importance of the following rules:


- Only fully functional road bikes with gears and brakes

- Helmets are mandatory

- Thursday night lights are mandatory

- Road cycling apparel is recommended

- Please bring a spare tube and a pump

- We comply with the law at all times. 


Thursdays we ride two routes alternating and Saturdays routes are communicated in our Facebook and Strava group before the ride each week. This way everyone can download the navigational data and nobody ends up lost, should they for some reason loose the group.






Information for Thursday

Thursdays are full gas - this is a 60km training ride at race pace incl. sprint points, the perfect HIIT unit in your weekly program. This is a ‚drop ride‘, meaning there will be no waiting for riders who loose the group. People always ask us for the average speed - about 35 km/h in total, this number is deceiving though as it contains the slower parts in and out of the city. Once beyond city limits you should expect speeds far beyond 40 km/h.


Meet 6:45 pm / Roll out 7:00 pm
Standert Performance Store
Friedrichstr. 23a, 10969 Berlin
approx. 60km


The two Thursday routes:

Southwest - GPX File    /   North - GPX File






Information for Saturday

Saturdays are your opportunity to get in a longer tempo ride in a group. The pace isn’t slow, but protected by the group you can conserve your strength and surpass your own limits. We wait for everyone, but please be aware that this is a ride with a tempo average past 30 km/h. Usually we arrive back at the store at around 2pm for a cold drink or a hot coffee, depending on the weather.


Meet 9:45 am / Roll out 10:00 am
Standert Performance Store
Friedrichstr. 23a, 10969 Berlin
approx. 100 - 110 km


Saturdays routes are communicated in our Facebook and Strava group before the ride




Participation in the Standert Feierabendrunde is at your own risk.

All participants of Standert Feierabendrunde agree to act according to the general rules of the StVZO at all times and to follow the instructions of the organizer.

By participating in the Standert Feierabendrunde you declare to have read this disclaimer and to be in agreement with the regulations herein. Standert Bicycles and its employees assume no liability for damage caused by participation or by other participants, unless the damage has been caused by gross negligence or intent on the part of Standert Bicycles or its employees. The exclusion of liability does not apply to damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health as well as to damages resulting from the violation of cardinal obligations, if and to the extent that the damages are caused by Standert Bicycles or its employees. You bear civil and criminal responsibility for the bicycle you ride, the resulting personal injury, damage to property and fortune. Liability for third parties is excluded.