What bike size do I need? Bike Sizing Chart by Standert Bicycles
Bike Sizing Chart
Bike Sizing Chart

We often get asked about what bike size you guys should choose and we thought it would be a nice idea to provide you with an easy yet profound bike sizing chart of how we initially choose the frames for our customers.

Naturally this only works for people that already have been riding road bikes previously. Everybody else should stick to recommendations on the spec sheet or is happily invited to come by our shop, have a coffee and do a test ride….

Pull up the geometry charts of your current bike and the Standert bike you would like to purchase.


Compare the 'Stack' measurements and choose the closest number. If you feel you want to sit more upright and you have spacers installed already go for the relatively bigger stack. If you feel you want and can support a more aerodynamic position choose the smaller stack.

For sizes 54 to 60 compare the 'Reach' of your bike and the Standert frame in the size you think should fit according to stack. For all the 'Project Compact' frame sizes compare the top tube measurement (virtual).

All differences in reach can then be compensated through the choice in stem length. We recommend a minimum length of 100mm. Shorter stems will massively impair the handling of the bike. Ideal is 110mm to 130mm. Yes, we believe in 'the longer the better'. For Roadbikes that is. If you want to tackle singletrail terrain on your gravel bike, a little shorter will give better handling. 

Also take into consideration what kind of handlebar you intend to use. Different handlebars have different lengths as well. Most common is 70mm on compact handlebars like the Zipp Service Course SL-70 that we put on our Triebwerk bikes. The Kreissäge gets shipped with the SL-80 though. That handlebar is 10mm longer, hence it increases the reach of your cockpit by 10mm.

Last but not least take a look at your seatpost. Does it have a setback? For most people that intend to ride a PC52 or smaller we recommend a 0mm seatpost to position the rider further up on the bottom bracket. With more and more riders adopting short fit saddles, we believe that modern fit will suit most people. If you switch from a 15-25mm setback to a 0mm seat post that difference needs to be compensated. Take that into consideration when comparing reach measurements as well.  

Now that you have chosen a frame size, let us know if you need to change some of the stock measurements of stem, handlebars and seat post after ordering a complete bike. 

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