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Invalidenstraße 157
Berlin Mitte

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Mo – Fr: 12am – 8pm
Sa: 12am – 7pm


Shop News

Welcome to Standert Bicycles!

We are a bike shop and café located in the center of buzzing Berlin. We aim to be like your living room - only equipped with a real good coffee machine, there’s always cold beer in the fridge and there’s a guy on the sofa next to you, who want’s to help you ride your dream bike.


The café serves brilliant coffee from the roastery „Coffee Circle“, cold Beer and Sodas, fresh bagels and cake. In winter we make savoury soups and in summer we proudly present our homemade popsicles. We call them „Super Pops“ and create them from the best fruit we can get our hands on. They’re uberdelicious people!


In the shop we have a selection of great frames, parts and apparel.
Foremost our own brand of supernice, affordable track frames. With lugged joints and made from double butted Cr-Mo steel tubing, they are a our obeisance to the classics from back in the days.
Also we are proud dealer of Jan Koles own Colossi frames. Colossi has a fantastic range of steel and aluminum frames. Pretty much everything you could wish for.
Every bike we build is a result of a good ol’ talk to the customer about wishes and needs.
We want you for united cyclists army!


In the Workshop Flow, ex-two wheeled-hungarian-workhorse on the streets of London, tends to all your needs. He can repair your beloved old steed, nurse your dad’s old racer to former glory or help you along on your latest project.
He also builds great wheels!