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Basic commute? Do it. Commute through parks and woods? Do it. Weekend trip? Do it. Bikepacking? Do it. Gravel riding? Do it. An adventure around the world? Why not? You rule your ride.



Can I use the Bürgermeister*in for gravel riding?

You can use the Bürgermeister*in for everything, city riding, touring and gravel riding.

What is LTD version?

The LTD version comes with a one-piece stem and handlebar, painted in the same colour as the frame.

Is the Bürgermeister*in compatible with rim brakes?

No, only disc brakes.

What type of hub axles does the Bürgermeister*in take?q

9mm quick release axles.

Why is there a break in the frame on the drive-side seat stay?

That's a design feature that allows the frame to accommodate a Gates belt drive drivetrain.

Are mudguards included with the complete bikes?


Is the dynamo light set included with the complete bikes?