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The Erdgeschoss. Updated.

Our bikepacking and gravel bike is back — and it’s better than it ever was.
Explore more. Pack more. Worry less. Stainless!
With every generation of the Erdgeschoss, we reach a new level of what we thought this bike could do. The new updated version does it again.

We used all the goodness from previous models and added refined it to perfect your gravel and bikepacking experience. More details and more features for less worries while you’re out exploring.

Offroad, gravel, sand, wet, mud. Go far, carry loads — the Erdgeschoss has you covered.

Our updated Erdgeschoss is the most capable companion. All the features. All the style. All the excellent qualities of a steel bikepacking and gravel bike. All the trust and none of the rust.


Is the Erdgeschoss compatible with 700c wheels?

Yes, but with slightly reduced tire clearance of 50mm.

What material is the Erdgeschoss made from?

Stainless steel.

Can I fit a pannier racks to the Erdgeschoss?

Yes, both front and rear.

Is the Erdgeschoss compatible with a dynamo lighting system?

Yes, and there is internal light cable routing through the frame and fork.

What size Torx Key is needed for the drop outs?