1 Hour Consultation/Test Ride
30 Minutes (Inspection)
2 Hours (Full Service)
30 Minutes (Wheel Truing)
30 Minutes (Drivetrain Service)
1 Hour (Hydraulic Disc Brake Service)
30 Minutes (Rim Brake Service)

This page gets updated regularly please check before visiting us. Please make an appointment to visit the workshop.

Workshop appointments are only for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. No service will be done on Monday or Tuesday. The timing of the slot is just a drop off slot symbolic and we cannot guarantee that your bike will be repaired at the time you are booking your appointment.

Before proceeding please note that we can only work on STANDERT Bicycles. No other kinds of bike will be serviced.

Workshop time costs €80 per hour plus any parts that may be needed. The appointment is free to book, the time and parts will be charged after the service upon collection of your bike.


Inspection - typically takes 30 minutes, we check all the screws and bolts and true the wheels. Common additional purchases: brake pads, chain

Full Service - Typically takes up to 2 hours. We check all the screws and bolts, true the wheels, tune the drivetrain, tune the breaks. Common additional purchases: brake pads, chain, cassette, bar tape, tires

Wheel Truing - Typically takes 30 minutes for both wheels. Common additional purchases: spokes

Drivetrain Service - Indexing Only, no cleaning. Typically takes 30 minutes. Common additional purchases: chain, cassette, gear cables

Hydraulic Disc Brake Service - Bleeding and tuning. Typically takes 1 hour.  Common additional purchases: hydraulic brake fluid, brake pads

Rim Brake Service - Replace brake cables and tuning. Typically takes 30 minutes.  Common additional purchases: brake pads, brake cables


You will only be charged for the time it takes to repair your bike, and not necessarily a full hour. 

Please send us an email to or phone the store about the work you need doing if you require special parts. If we need to order parts the repair could take longer, so if we can have everything ready before hand, you will get you bike back sooner.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.