Shimano SPD PD-EH500 Touring Pedals

59.00 EUR

price without VAT: 49.58 EUR


The Shimano PD-EH500 is a platform and click pedal in one. On the one side it is flat for using street shoes, on the other side it is suited for SPD compatible shoes.

The Light Action pedal's easy release mechanism makes geting in and out faster while the flat side still offers sufficient grip even in wet conditions. All this makes the PD-EH500 Explorer a comfortable road bike and touring pedal under all conditions which has also been optimized for urban riding and is ideal for the combination with Shimano CT and MT shoe models.

Compatible cleats:

SM-SH56 for multiple release (delivered)

SM-SH51 for standard release (optional)

Included in delivery: 1 pair of pedals incl. SM-SH56 cleats

Weight supplement: pair | manufacturer's specs

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