Handmade in Italy: That's How Your Standert Bicycle is Made


 That's how your Standert is made


While Max (Founder & CEO) and Maxe (Product Manager) visited our Italian frame builder who's located at the southern edge of the Alps we thought why not give you a little insight in how your Standert is made. While we develop all our bikes, designs and geometries in Berlin a lot of them are built and painted in Italy. From prototypes to paint samples to the finished production.

Building everything from scratch is definitely a lot more work than sourcing ready-made or open-mould frames but it also gives us the freedom to build exactly the bikes we want. And that's what it's still all about for us. We are cyclists. We build the bikes we want to ride ourselves. Sourcing something and just slapping our logo on it would just be standard but never a Standert.

After the frame is finished it's time to dress up. Just across the street where our frames are built by hand they also get painted by hand. Our bikes, our designs, our colors. This gives us the opportunity to experiment, try all kinds of things and make decisions pretty quick.

After final checks and quality control all finished frames are brought to Berlin. Here the process continues with our mechanics building up every bike by hand. In the end your bike went through a couple of very passionate, experienced, caring and cycling loving hands. We like to think that you feel this heart and soul while riding our bikes. But we also might just be a bit emotional about what we do.

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Bici Artigianali Standert
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Standert - Italian Made Bikes
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Max and Maxe - Standert Bicycles
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Italian Made Bicycles - Standert
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Biciclette Artigianali Standert
Biciclette Artigianali Italiane
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Handmade Bikes Made in Italy
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Made in Italy Bikes by Standert
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Made in Italy Bikes
Standert Bikes Made in Italy
Standert Bicycles Made in Italy

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