Photos by Constantin Gerlach


Part II. In case you missed Part I, here it is.

As the course started to slowly dry the women’s fixed gear field got ready to race.

The lap with it’s partly dry and partly wet turns and cobbles was not getting any easier to ride for the ladies. After the start it was soon clear what was going on. Three Maloja Pushbikers and Sami Sauri went clear and made it their race. Sami Sauri might have been outnumbered but still was going for the first couple of sprints against the three Pushbiker teammates. Reacting on that they tried to box in Sami and then attack.

Managing to catch every attack back Sami Sauri knew it was on her to make a decisive move. She attacked and only Lena Vogl of the Maloja Pushbikers could follow her. A few laps later Sami attacked again and dropped Lena. Sofie moved up to Lena again and they chased together. Until they unfortunately overkooked it in turn two and crashed together. Sami further extended her lead and won with enough time for a beer hand up in the last lap.

Time for the men’s fixed gear race.

The sun was still out as the biggest field of the day lined up. A field full of class riders. The race was on and the first ten sprints were fought out hard and made it not easy to guess who will make a decisive move. As the race progressed the pace took it’s toll on a lot of riders and in the front it was one team putting the pressure on the rest of the field. The Suicycle Track Team from Hamburg obviously didn’t came all the way just for the good beer.

Timon and Nico repeatedly attacked on the cobbles and finally went clear from the rest. The only rider able of going with them was Stefan from 8Bar. Like that the trio went on fighting for the points. Stefan being outnumbered got attacked and attacked by Timon and Nico. First Timon went clear and soon was followed by Nico. The two Suicycle riders were off the front, shared the sprint points and finished their effort in dominant fashion and a true display of teamwork. Timon and Nico crossed the finish line together with Timon winning and Nico getting second. Stefan finished third.

An exciting day came to an end. We are more than thankful for all the riders and spectators who came to race and cheer - even though the weather said STAY HOME. We want to thank Stone Brewing Berlin and Marienpark for making our dream of an own bike race reality. Without them supporting us this would not have been possible. Thanks to our partners Fizik, Wahoo, Muc Off, Hiplok, Kyzr and HJC for coming out and showing us their awesome products.

Thank you to our whole Standert crew for working so hard for this.

Thank you to Chris for hosting this event on the microphone.

Thank you Erok for spreading the best vibes we could ask for through music on that grim day.

And thanks to our volunteers. Things like this are not possible without volunteers.


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