The Stichsäge: Our First Full-Performance Cyclocross Bike


 Our first full-performance cyclocross bike

CX, Cyclocross, Cross…no matter what you call it, it’s where the often very formal sport of cycling rips off its shirt to get rowdy & dirty.

That’s one of the reasons why we love cyclocross. The lines between disciplines are blurring. The strict rules about which discipline can be ridden in which season are becoming a thing of the past. We’ve given into our urge to ride cross all year, whenever we feel like it.

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Stichsage Aluminium Cyclocross Bikes

The Stichsäge is made from scandium aluminum and is our first bike with fully integrated cabling. This makes it not just look cleaner, but also a joy to clean after some dirty riding. Handmade and painted in Italy.

According to regulations, cyclocross bikes must have 33mm tires, but knowing that you might use the Stichsäge for more than just licensed racing, it can fit up to 40mm tires.

Stichsage Cyclocross Bike
Riding Stichsage Cyclocross Bike
Blue Cyclocross Bike
Standert Stichsage Cyclocross Bike
Stichsage Cyclocross Bikes
Riding Cyclocross Bike in Berlin
Cycling in Berlin - Stichsage Cyclocross

Shop Stichsäge in Leaping Lilac or Team colorways online, or visit us in Berlin.

Stichsage Alu Cyclocross Bike
Stichsage Alu Cyclocross Frame
Stichsage Team Cyclocross Bike
Stichsage Alu Cyclocross Frameset

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