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Off The Shelf

Ain’t nobody got bikes for sale right now! Oh yes, we do!
Road bikes, gravel bikes, commuter bikes, track bikes are - all for sale, ready to ride and now waiting for you.

As all our lives changed drastically within the last year and so did the bike industry. Cycling is booming and at the same time big parts of the industry were shut down for a certain time. Since they are open again the industry couldn’t catch a breath. Production (over)load and therefore lead times are increasing. Especially for those who cancelled their orders in early 2020 because of the uncertain situation. Fortunately we didn't. That means that what is in our control also still is under control. But of course, when talking about group sets (especially Shimano) and components, we are also facing delays.
That’s why we decided to offer you the complete bikes we have standing in our showroom and workshop. The best part: they are ready to ride and on sale now! Pick it up or get it shipped and you’ll be rolling in no time.
The bikes are from our showroom display and have been barely moved. Some even just touched the floor once when being lifted from the work stand. Some have been test ridden and have signs of usage. Some are current models and some are a bit older already. You find all the info on their product pages.

To keep this process streamlined we ask for your understanding that we sell the bikes exactly as they are and do not change anything on request. Changes can be discussed in a normal workshop appointment afterwards.

We will add more and more bikes to this category.
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