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March 20th marks the Equinox, a brief moment of balance where we all experience 12 hours of light and darkness in both hemispheres. As daylight extends for some and lessens for others, MAAP decided to embrace this global connection with a 12-hour ride, from daybreak to sundown. Over this week-long series of ride experiences, from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Barcelona to Mumbai, cyclists all over the world took part in their Equinox Challenge.

In Berlin, The Standert Train was ready to embark on a 12-hour journey, to ride from dawn to dusk, a 365km loop around Berlin. Unfortunately, things took a heavy turn when the weather heavily impacted what they initially had in store.

Torrential rain and single-degree temperatures were in store for that day. But despite the horrid weather conditions, about 15 riders met at the Standert Showroom at 5:30am, and off they went. After more than three hours at a 34km average speed, the entire crew was soaked from eyebrows to toes, cold to the bone, forcing them to abort the ride. The Standert Train turned back into the city and home, wrapping up a total 146km.

As told through those insane enough to join us:

"I don’t think I’ve ever quite experienced a ride like this one. Beginning the ride in high spirits and damp toes, we ventured off into the morning darkness. 90km in, wet and cold to the bone, deciding to call it a day whilst stood in the door of a netto in the middle of Brandenburg. Type 4 fun. We’ll get em next time!" – Isaac, Team Standert Rider

"It’s always extremely tough starting a ride in the rain, at some point you hope it will clear up and you’ll be blessed with a bit of sun but that was not to be. I’ve never been on a ride with constant rain for 5 hours, it didn’t stop once." – Tom, Team Standert Rider

"Probably my longest swim ever. Even for german spring conditions this was a really hard one. Glad the group decided that 365km and torrential rain don’t go that well together. Still had a major bonk since I couldn’t feel my hands and didn’t eat but had the best time nonetheless. Forgot what cold shivers feel like. Thank you for reminding Standert train!" – Julian of Community Connect, Rider

“I was honestly proud of everyone that had the courage to ride in that weather! I loved its rawness, and also the pace & power we were putting down. Isaac didn’t wear gloves though.. goose.” – Kresten of Father Carpenter, Rider

“Standert rides are known to be tough and challenging and awesome, so everyone was pumped to go on a ride that they knew would be epic regardless of the conditions. We might not be made of sugar but let’s just say the shower felt pretty sweet after what was a brutal day on the saddle.” – Damien, Rider

"I don't remember much of the ride, I was too focused on surviving! But at one point I heard someone say "Rain is just liquid sunshine!"" – Ed, Rider

Although there wasn't much light to be chased in Berlin that day or hardly any at all, it's safe to say that every rider who got out there is a legend. Standert is proud to be a part of such a strong community of unique and talented cyclists, who come together and persevere, regardless of the weather.

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