CeramicSpeed OSPW System for Shimano Dura Ace 9250 and Ultegra 8150

CeramicSpeed OSPW System for Shimano Dura Ace 9250 and Ultegra 8150

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CeramicSpeed OSPW System Shimano


The Oversized Pulley Wheel System from CeramicSpeed will improve the efficiency of your drivetrain and give you that extra advantage over your rivals, not to mention it looks sweet! The OSPW for Shimano 9250 and 8150 SS features a 13-tooth upper pulley wheel and a 19-tooth lower pulley wheel to provide absolute optimisation of the rear derailleur. The upper and lower oversized aluminium pulley wheels come fitted with either standard or coated CeramicSpeed Bearings.

IMPORTANT! The OSPW System for 9200/9250 and 8100 SS/8150 SS is NOT cross-compatible with other models.


In The Box

  • A complete 13-tooth/19-tooth OSPW System
  • CeramicSpeed Bearing Oil in 15ml dropper bottle


Technical Data

The overall power savings of the OSPW System for Shimano 9200/9250 8100/8150 reach 30%-60%, or more in some cases, over a stock setup.

The oversized pulley wheels have 3-5 times longer lifetime than the commonly used standard pulleys on the market.

The Shimano 9200/9250 and 8100 SS/8150 SS OSPW system is compatible up to a 32 tooth cassette for both Dura Ace & Ultegra derailluers.

Pulley Wheels: CeramicSpeed 13-tooth upper and 19-tooth lower

Pulley Wheel Material: Aluminium

Cage Marterial: Carbon reinforced PA

Bearing Options: CeramicSpeed Standard or Coated

Bearing Options: CeramicSpeed Standard or Coated 


Special notes:

Custom tool included for removal of stock cage and securing of OSPW. The factory clutch mechanism will remain intact and in stick form. There is no damage or modification to the clutch for the installation of the OSPW System. 

>> How to install your OSPW System <<

 CeramicSpeed OSPW Shimano Standard  
72 Hours
72 Hours
72 Hours
72 Hours
72 Hours
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