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Coming out of Traunstein in the south of Germany, FINGERSCROSSED do not compromise in design and performance.

FINGERSCROSSED cycling oversocks are the much needed protection for your beautiful cycling shoes in winter, keeping extra cold, wind and dirt out. Paired with the Fingerscrossed Merino Socks, they will keep your feet warm during these colder months. They are highly breathable, made from a high stretch material with toughened pre-cut cleat holes. 

Material: 2% Polypropylen, 2% Elastane, 96% Polyamide


These overshoes are designed for use with road bike shoes and cleat systems, and are only designed to be worn on the bike. Therefore damage sustained from walking a lot or use with other shoe/pedal systems cannot be guaranteed.

Wash at 30° degrees, do not iron, do not tumble dry


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